Weekend Reflections

Over the weekend, some friends and I ventured to Copenhagen (on an easy 40 min flight). I absolutely loved the city. We had a great weekend walking along the waterfront and taking in the sea air, exploring a few museums, and of course trying out the local food (lots of seafood!). Copenhagen is the biggest biking city in the entire world (they bike EVERYWHERE, and any time of year), so we of course had to rent bikes one day to get around like a local.

On our way back to Berlin, we realized that while Copenhagen was an absolutely amazing place to visit (I’d highly recommend it), we’re so glad to have chosen Berlin to spend a semester in. Besides the fact that Berlin is probably two to three times cheaper than Copenhagen, we’ve become accustom to the international, diverse feel of the city. We’ve embraced the alternative style, the endless graffiti. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll turn to a phrase I’ve heard more than a few times so far, coined by the previous mayor of Berlin. He called the city “poor, but sexy.” He’s definitely not wrong.

Here’s a few pictures that I took while in Copenhagen:

IMG_1094IMG_1084IMG_1103 (1)IMG_1086IMG_1087IMG_1089IMG_1090IMG_1099IMG_1078


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