One Week in Berlin (that’s all?)

This first week in Berlin has been an amazing blur. Meeting new people, exploring the city, starting classes. I’ve hardly had a moment of idle time – and I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I think I can definitely say that I’m making the most of my time here.

A few thoughts on the city so far: Berlin is cold, gray, and cloudy. It’s strange. And it’s beautiful. A bystander could think that Berlin is just like any other big city (but they would be wrong). To me, it’s the little things. The small cultural differences that add up until you realize that you’ve been completely engulfed by a foreign way of life. And I think that these cultural differences are indicative of a unique set of cultural values. What those exact values are, I have yet to discover, but even after only one week, I am beginning to see a larger picture of what makes Berlin unique.

The cloudy skies and cold weather have not stopped us from exploring the city. Nor does it stop the locals from getting out and about; the streets are constantly bustling.

On left is a typical street in Kreuzberg, my neighborhood. On the right is the CIEE Global Institute – Berlin, the building where I am living. It used to be an old factory, and was just recently completely renovated.

I have, of course, been eating my way through the local cuisine. On the right is a “currywurst,” a street food staple of Kreuzberg. It consists of sausage topped with curry and a type of ketchup.


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